The Philosophy of Subhananda (Subhananda Darsanam)

Gurudev stayed at Subhanandashram, Cherukole, with many disciples from different castes and creeds and spread his principles to raise the consciousness of man to the highest level. He preached among the masses at various villages at Onattukara at Venad, especially amo~the down trodden untouchable castes at that time, counseling them, consoling them, uplifting them and directing them from the darkness of ignorance towards the light of knowledge.

A few of His important teachings and messages to the mankind can be summed up as follows. The Jeevatma the Godness, the God that shines in us and the Truth-and righteousness, Sathyadharma, the goodness, is hidden by Maya the ignorance in darkness, Maayaandhakaara, in every human being. Thus, in order to eradicate the ignorance and to instill and enlighten the truth in us, Lord Subhananda has mercifully disclosed the heavenly truth to the disciples. Gurudev teaches followers to attain self realization in order to see Paramatma, the etemallight which resides inside all of us. Man is not self illumine, but the Guru lights the lamp in him and in the light emanates he can see him self. This precept is akin to Christ's proclaim, "I am the way and the light" and the Upanishad teachings, "Asatho ma Sat Gamaya, Tamaso ma Jyothirgamaya, Mirthyur ma Amrutham Gamaya" is also similar to this.

God chooses His favourites from the unpolluted and show them what they are and how they must become one with His own. image. Most people miss the great significance of such rare but beneficial experiences and go blind the worldly way. Hinduism asserts that humans are continually reborn, until they reach Moksha, a state of union with God or Paramathma, union with the Impersonal Absolute as what followers of the Advaita (Non Dualism) school believe. Advaita Vedanta, believes in complete identity between the inmost self and the impersonal, ultimate God. The final goal of salvation is escape from the endless round ofbirth, death, and rebirth.

The ultimate goal of life, referred to as Moksha, Nirvana or Samadhi, is described as the realization of one's union with God; realization of one's eternal relationship with God; realization of the unity of all existence; perfect unselfishness and knowledge. With divine knowledge from a Guru, one can seek union with God and gain this eternal bliss. Wander not in search of God; Gain his vision in our Atma. We need not wander about in search of God.

God is within us. But our worldly knowledge cannot help us to realize God. When people are unable to get contentment from worldly life they experience an aversion to the objective pleasures and seek the ways to arouse the divine consciousness that is latent in him. We run after worldly pleasures and these results in worries, greed and discontent. Only if we have knowledge of Atma, we can experience the union with God, free from the habits of sin and escape from the hell of all evils of Janmapaapam , Karmadosham and Jeevanaasam. This divine knowledge,Atma Njana, can be gained only under the guidance of a self illumined Guru. God when incarnates as Avatatr Guru, He teaches us the knowledge of divinity, the atma, the God that shines in us. Real knowledge is the result of spiritual development and can be strengthened by constant communion with the Guru. By this divine knowledge we can recognize the ignorance in us and destroy it.

Only good and noble deeds, Nishkaamakarma, ' are done with divine knowledge, which leads to realization of God within us. Approach Guru for salvation and obey his teachings and advices and enjoy the bliss that divine knowledge that Guru confers. Guru is the dweller in the temple of everybody's heart. Those who can realize the Guru, the 'Jnana Swaroopa,' within him get inner vision. This inner vision is divine knowledge or' Jnana'. Thus we can experience divine ease and peace, Santhi, by placing ourselves in the hands of the Avatar Guru. He reiterates the message that there is but one God who is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. He is all merci- ful. He is 'Satchithananda Swaroopa '.

This world created by Him is wonderful and mysterious. The easiest way of realizing Him is to take the path of faith, devotion and purity of heart. No amount of worship of the idols of God or knowledge of scriptures can be of any avail to earn His Grace, if one does not have love and compassion for all living beings; and if one cannot control one's mind and maintain equilibrium. One need not even go far or wander in search of God. He is found within oneself. Know thyself and thou shall know the Supreme self. Gurudev was up against casteism and had aimed at establishing a casteless society. Divine Knowledge, is the creator; He created this beautiful world for the human being to live peacefully and harmoniously by following the path of Athma- Bodham, Sarva Njana.

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Gurudev teaches followers to attain self realization in order to see the eternal light which resides inside

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